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Beating yourself up after committing sins.

Posted by Bhai 100 
Vaheguru jee kaa Khalsa,
Vaheguru jee kee Fateh !!!

Dear Sangat,

My mental attitude towards fighting in this war against maya and vikaars is seriously letting me down, and due to my negative outlook my spiritual growth is being greatly hindered, leading me to a state of defeatism.

I try very hard to follow Gursikhi, engaging in naamsimran, Gurbani, sangat, amritvela, sarbloh bibek, wearing bana, etc. My mind feels peace, happiness and stable most of the time. the five evils are subdued relitively easily for long periods, providing rehat and naambani are kept strong.

Attacks from kaam, krodh, lobh, moh and ahankaar are always looming, unfortunately and ashamedly for me kaam and krodh always seem to overpower me ensuing a fierce and ardaas filled battle.

The problem is, that in the aftermath of committing dark sins under the influence of krodh and mainly kaam, I am left feeling totally devestated and cannot come to terms with the fact that, how you can be feeling very chardi kala one moment and completely out of control and tendi kala the next. Feelings of deprssion, frustration, dissapointment and guilt overcome my whole being. Hopelessness, despair and a high sense of defeatism cripple my positive outlook into a ball of negativity. At this point any Gurmat that was thriving before the attack does not surface to rehabilitate my faltered mind quickly, and I stay in a state of sorrow, regret and feeling sorry for myself for days.

The wise thing to do, would be to accept defeat and quickly compose my mind to carry on with a new battle. But instead I wallow in the shame of my defeat and I become so down that I cannot perform my rehat with the same vigour and excitment as before. I do just the bare minimum nitnem, no amritvela ishnaan and simran, keeping bibek becomes a strain, and all this minimum upkeep is performed reluctantly. This can carry on for days and even weeks, until eventually my sikhi returns back to optimum and preferred state.

Whenever I experience an attack from kaam, the above narrated drama always repeats itself and each time I am left in lower and lower spirits. The downtime gap each time gets longer and longer and this rollercaster sikhi of high highs and low lows is getting me nowhere and I am becoming more and more defeatist.

Gursikhs out there will be shocked and disgusted with this post, at how a person can become so weak and vikaari. I know I am pathetic and maha mughad, but please don't judge me, I am crying out for help from Guru Sahib to keep me strong and stable, but I always seem to fail.

If there are any Gursikhs out there that empathise with my situation and can offer advice to change my thinking and attitude towards dealing with attacks by vikaars, then please take the time to comment and share, it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.
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Maybe u are in bad evironment as i am so i am giving up my wish to take amrit, move back to where i can regain my dignity, and attain required Gurmat discipline, then take amrit.
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not shocked and disgusted at all veer jeeo - now that you have opened up - could you advise how do you do your paath- .? what is your nitnem and Gurbani abhyiaas daily? what does it consist off?
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Singh Jee you should consider yourself Lucky that out of 7 Billion Population in this world atleast you know when you are in Chardi Kala and Tendi Kala.

Majority of the population is Clueless of their purpose in this world. They don't know when is Kalyug's Phera attacking them. Look to the positive side that atleast you know what is the Sikhs Bull's-Eye and you are working towards it. Irrespective of your current outcome/results.

Your aim is correct and maybe you are not using the tools (Gurbani, Bibek ......) correctly. But Gurujee will help.

Gurujee has already done endless Benti to Akal-Purakh on our behalf.
ਹਮਰੇ ਦੁਸ਼ਟ ਸਭੈ ਤੁਮ ਘਾਵਹੁ ॥ ਆਪੁ ਹਾਥ ਦੈ ਮੋਹਿ ਬਚਾਵਹੁ ॥
ਸੁਖੀ ਬਸੈ ਮੋਰੋ ਪਰਿਵਾਰਾ ॥ ਸੇਵਕ ਸਿੱਖਯ ਸਭੈ ਕਰਤਾਰਾ ॥੩੭੮॥
ਮੋ ਰੱਛਾ ਨਿਜੁ ਕਰ ਦੈ ਕਰਿਯੈ ॥ ਸਭ ਬੈਰਿਨ ਕੌ ਆਜ ਸੰਘਰਿਯੈ ॥
ਪੂਰਨ ਹੋਇ ਹਮਾਰੀ ਆਸਾ ॥ ਤੋਰਿ ਭਜਨ ਕੀ ਰਹੈ ਪਿਯਾਸਾ ॥੩੭੯॥

In current situation ਦੁਸ਼ਟ is 5 Vikaars.
Since in Kalyug the people don't have the minimum sense of how to do Benti to Akal-Purakh. Gurujee has even taught us how to do Benti to Akal Purakh in form of Benti Chaupai.

Start doing as many Benti Chaupai as possible. Benti Chaupai and Ardaas is the wayout in your current state. Never under-estimate the power of these two. Gurujee will soon send Shaeedi Faujaan to take away the Bad Phera which has surrounded you.

Bhul Chuk Maaf.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
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Dear bhai NS44 jeeo,

When I am going for it with Guru Sahibs kirpa and with kirpa only, daily effortsconsist of:

Amrit vela ishnaan in cold water at 2 am.
naam abhiyaas 2-3 hours.
During the day I must read, Sukhmani sahib, asa ki vaar, sukhmana sahib, baavan akhri and if I can dakhnee onkar.
Simran swaas swaas is mostly continuous.
No tv.
Sarbloh pehra.

What am I doing wrong ?????????
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Very nicely put, Jaskirat Veer Jeo!
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Doing that much Paath for few days and then expecting Daawva (unalieanable claim) on divine protection is not Bibek Budh. Keep doing your Paath-Simran-Rehit and fight the battle with these weapons and when you get defeated for a short term, don't despair or loose heart but get ready for the next battle with increased vigour. Do Ardaas and increase your Paath Simran for the next battle.

On top of what has been stated above, get married right away and be "Eka Naari Jati hoye". In olden days, people got married at early age and these modern day Kaam-related problems for Gursikh youths were non-existent back then. The new trend of getting married in late twenties or even thirties is not wise. Some argue that they are still studying but so are the Western people. They may not be married but many are in relationships while they are studying and do manage to get their degrees. So can you.

Kulbir Singh
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Trust me you are not alone in your battle against the Panj Doot. These theives have been with us for billions and billions of lifetimes they are not going to leave overnight. Dont expect miracles in a short period of time. We must continue to strive to follow Gurus Jis hukums and not give up. When I first took Amrit I too used to experience high levels of positive energy on somedays and then low levels of negative energy on other days. I used to think I was the only person experiencing such things. I asked another SIngh its seems like my spiritual life is a roller coster sometimes Im on a high sometimes I feel like you know what. He told me everyone goes through this. SO trust me dont feel like you are alone in this daily battle. Gursikh is suppose to stay in high spirits despite good or bad times.Only by accepting Sri Akal Purakh Jis will by japping Naam can we remain above sorrow and happy feelings. Bhai Randhir SIngh Ji has mentioned that as soon as we stop japping Naam for one second then the Panj Doot penetrate in us.

ਹਰਖ ਸੋਗ ਦੁਹਾ ਤੇ ਮੁਕਤਾ ਜੋ ਪ੍ਰਭੁ ਕਰੇ ਸੁ ਭਾਵਏ ॥
- Sri Guru JI

ਮਨ ਸੁਧ ਰਖੈ, ਹਰਖ ਸੋਗ ਹਰੈ
Bhai Daya SIngh Ji

Sri Guru Ji and many Gurmukhs say as long as you keep rehat then you will always stay in Chardhi Kala.. Bhai CHaupa SIngh Ji says rehat is what keep the bikaars at bay. SO if we are feeling weak then their must be some weakness in our rehni behni. Are you doing kes ishnaan everyday? Kes Ishnaan is GUrmat principle if we dont follow Gurmat principles how are we to experience the shakhti of Gurmat? Are you doing relentless Ardas? Constant Ardas aka Ardas Abhiyaas is also part of a rehat. A Gursikh should do Ardas at least 100 times a day! Ardas can be as short as " Ek Nanak Kee Ardas Jey Tudh Bhave See Meh Deejeh Naam Nivas Har GUn Gaveh See.

If you are always thinking about lust then perhaps you need to get married and have a more healthy relationship as Bhai Kulbir SIngh Ji has already stated.
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Dear Bhai100 Ji,

I am no expert and I do not consider myself a Gursikh but I have learnt so many things this past two years on how to fight kaam. The following is what I have learnt and I apply to my lifestyle as much as I can.

1. Stay away from bad scenes from TV and internet - avoid these like plague. Just think every time you see a bad scene you are giving into kaam and kaam will always win. I repeat say away from all porn and filth from TV and internet. If you are tempted to watch this filth, then leave the room go out for a walk, whatever just do not give into the temptation.

2. Perform an exercise called Sat Kriya (do a search on this exercise - Mrsikhnet has done an excellent article about this exercise) this exercise has been immensely helpful in fighting kaam. It will take the energy built up in the groin area and raise it upwards to your head area. Try to perform 5 sets of 50 reps, believe me this exercise works!! Try it and see for yourself. It also helps you perform more simran!

3. Stay away from all restaurant foods, outside food will increase kaam in you so avoid all restaurant food like plague. Make food yourself - this also makes a huge difference.

4. Perform mool mantar paath - perform 6 mala daily (Mool mantar is a kaam killer)

5. Perform at least 1 Sri Sukhmani Sahib paath (2 will be better) - this also helps big time.

6. Visit sangat daily (preferably before you start your day and pray to Guruji to help you fight your daily battle).

7. If you have taken amrit, then obviously you have to do your nitnem.

8. Also getting ardaas done from a Gursikh to help you with this problem will help as well.

9. Perform physical exercise daily to help you release the built up energy in a positive way.

I know what I have written above is a lot, but believe me the above works. If you really feel that kaam is ruining your life then put effort in order to fight. And believe me when I say that you can win this fight - forget about what you have done. Today, right now, start fresh and build your confidence one day at a time. If by chance you do relapse, don't worry, try again you will win!

Bhul Chuk Maaf
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I would to humbly suggest you read Se Kinehiya (www.kherasahib.com, click on publications, and read this book online free in English, or Gurmukhi)...Sant Harnam Singhjio, tackles every aspect of obstacles right on target...and to briefly relate, one, where someone was following Gurmat 100% yet experiencing obstacles, and upon Santji doing ardas, Gurujio revealed that there were family members who are alcoholic/ meat eaters, although this bibi was a true Gurmukh, so this was causing much disturbance in bibiji's home in UK.
Also, in my personal experience, as I try to instill Gurmat discipline totally unlike the one you at least have, get up without fail at 2am, and bathing with cold water, without fail daily...I am very lacking in this. Another major issue I have is while I do path sometimes, evil thoughts try to attack me, besides my mind run around constantly...I react by imagining that my forehead is resting by Gurujio's feet to plead for His mercy, then evil thoughts go away.
I experimented with why Santji don't eat any red or green pepper/ chilli, and I think you should too to know what I mean....also ensure you are not even eating from vending machine, or preprossessed food of any kind, as these invites non Gurmat thoughts.
In my opinion, Gurujio reminds us in Sukhmani Sahib, "janam maran toh darai, tah haumai chod...sadh sang..." (Sukhmani Sahib path bhul chuk/ beadbi muaf Gurujio), here I feel is a very important message that living amongst holy, is the only guarantee for attaining freedom from cycle of birth and death....but if we choose not to although we have the means to then obstacles will be around us all the time...only the True Brahmgyanis can maintain purity, like Santji Himself was tested and passed, but not without help from Gurujio Himself coming to Santji's aid, as maya in form of very beautiful person was affecting never married Santji's willpower, when He was initially meditating at full of evil spirits mound, where Gurdwara Ramput Khera now is. Sant Sewa Singhji, a very blessed very close (then youth, like Bhai Jeevan Singhji, was with Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singhji) associate of Santiji, is now visiting Vancouver, from June 29, to end July 2012. Maybe you should go visit Him? But as Santji told those who ask for ardas, present all your appeals directly to ONLY GURU GRANTH SAHIB JIO DAILY (if possible).
Bhul chuk muaf
Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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bhai 100 jeeo,

First and foremost you have had wonderful replies - exceptionally wonderful replies by Guru Pyar wale Gursikhs above.

A keera like me has no advice apart from just one thing extra which will make a remarkable affect , may Guru sahib do kirpa on you to start
Sehaj Paath of Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee - either by listening only or doing it every day,even it's one-two pannas a day to start with - and increase slowly and never forget to do - this is the missing link I feel. Guru sahib naal har rooj gal bat karo veere-- start sehaj paath with ardass and just keep it going , year after year for the rest of your life. Once addicted you will be addicted to it for life - and the benfits - veer jeeo are beyond comprehension.

Beautiful responses - exercise - is a must too- physiology does do great for psychology.

Do NOT fear the vices as soon as you do - then they will get their grip on you. -- any vice thought that comes in your mind raise three questions to it in your mind:

1. what makes it so relevant?
2. what is the benefit?
3. am i to change or be habitual for life?
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WaheguruJiKaKhalsa WaheguruJiKiFateh
First of all I would like to say, sat sri akal, to everyone on these forums. I have been browsing these forums ALOT over the past couple months to half year. Awesome stuff here.
This post made me want to create an account and comment.
Veerji, I stuggle with this at times as well. SOOOOO HIGHHH and thing everything is perfect, but if I mess up "mess up" kaam or something away from hukam, I would get really down. Not even want to do anything, because I didn't feel worth it to be worthy of able to be a gursikh. Im learning and these down times are getting LESS and LESS each time. nitt nitt charre savaiya.. everyday it gets better... as per my understanding of gurbani, you cannot LOSE your LAHA your kamaiyee, even if ur bound by kaam or something. you might be seperated at that time, but there is no punishment more than at that moment, the second you get back "on the horse" as they say your poonjee or raas is kept by akal purkh vaheguru. I dunno veerji, just this is a part of the process, and yes it is tough to ride the low's, but I truly believe they get less and less lows as we go on. Also I believe Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib knows us soooo well, soo much antarjamee. Guru Ji knows exactly how to make us so nihal with his ever so delicate shabads in the most perfect orders in each line. Guru Ji knows all about the state of our minds. He guides us and molds us in the exact way we need to be molded. I think this feeling of downness after doing some thing out of his hukam is something he knows more than us. I believe he knows us soo well and is SOOOO many steps ahead of us that I dont worry about it. He say this "setback" or downfall soo long ago.

A long ramble, but I just love this website. I love how you talk about specific words and there specific meanings.
For example the term "Delhi Deepak" I love larrivaar gurbani and believe its soo wonderful and full of soo many choj vadiyaes. I almost believe every word in all of SiriGurugranth sahib is a delhideepak.

Anyways thank you guys. gur sikha ki har dhoor deh hum papi bhi gat paye.
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Vaheguru jee kaa Khalsa,
Vaheguru jee kee Fateh!

Can I please thank all my Gursikh sajjans who replied to this post. Words cannot express the amount of vairaag, pyaar, respect and gratitude I feel towards you as Gurmukhs. The time you have taken to share some of your wisdom and Gurmat advice has gone a long long way towards lifting my spirits and realising an inevitable reality, which is that these 5 dusht are maha balee, therefore will not be defeated easily. I believed mostly that only I was in this boat, and other Gursikhs were far far from the temptations of evil, but It is now apparent that ups and downs in sikhee are experienced by many and seem to be a part of the process. I have recieved amazing advice and feedback from you all, and I shall be with kirpa implementing this advice with firm conviction and determination. It's very strange but my whole attitude and approach towards dealing with vikaars and failing has changed positively, because of the giaan and support of Gursikhs like yourselves. I would urge any Gursikhs or saihajdharees out there to use this fantastic forum to also answer your Gurmat related queries, issues and problems. I have submitted details of my situation and asked for advice, for which I have recieved fantastic responses, again many, many, many thanks to all of you,

Vaheguru jee kaa Khalsa,
Vaheguru jee kee Fateh !!!
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Just a personal opinion. One way to drive off your enemies is to make the ground slippery on which they stand and thereby slip and fall and then slip away and far. The ground of the mind has to be made slippery with the moisture of bairaag. Not a single vikaar can dare to stand on a bairaag-ridden mind-floor. Long back I myself used to try many ways of trying to control the vikaars, such as keeping the eyes away (but the mind won't), making fun of whatever stoked the fire of vikaars (but it always comes back), etc. Finally I gave up. Later on I felt that during a state of bairaag, even if you try to invite these vikaars, they won't dare come near. Another thing you can do is sit in the taabeya of Guru Sahib as much as possible, but make sure you sit out of love, and ofcourse bairaag again. Then even if you invite the 5 vikaars to come, they will say "no thanks" and not come near you.

I could be wrong. Just sharing what I have come across. Also, let me tell you you are much blessed and way ahead of most others, there are so-called "GurSikhs" out there (myself top of the list) who are nothing but living models of the most bishta-type of vishay-vikaars.
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Waheguru g ka waheguru g ki fateh
Veer g.
Daas had the same problem years ago
There is a 1000% SOLUTION to this problem
The answer is SARBLOH
my guru ji kirpa daas was given this knowledg gift from god
Daas will explain how to make things to be immune from KAAM FORVEER
. make daal sabji
For eg daal
U will water daal turmeric salt ginger little chilli and ghee to kadai.. No u will not use TADKA ONION FRYING GARLIC AS THEY stimulate passion and causes one to sin This way u will make food
For making rotee
Take water from sarbloh bowl. Prepare atta in sarbloh plate make rotee on sarbloh tawa reciting bani
For preparing milk boil milk sugar in sarbloh
Touch with sarbloh knife recite bani then drink

U will not drink water from plastic drink water in sarbloh bowl only taken from clay container or other natural source
Use mitti ka ghraa at home for keeping water
Not fridger
Khalsa should not eat anything from outside
Except food made in sarbloh and kept in sarbloh
Food cant be kept more than 2 two hours in sarbloh so khalsa should EAT FRESH FOOD
REASON - AFTER HOURS micro organisms will come on food increasing maya kalyug hence causing one to sin
Khalsa g
Remember even GHEE SHOULD be prepared in sarbloh utensil and kept in sarbloh utensil after colling down completely.
For carrying food u can pack rottee in clean cloth
And daal in small clay pot as u cant put cap on sarbloh tiffin as food will rust so carrt in small clay bowl carry it.. For eating take sabji in sarbloh touch. Sarblob knife remember bow to waheguru then eat
For JUICE bring fresh try organic fruits to home juice them put in SARBLOH BOWL RECITE rakhya de shabad ramkali 6 PAURI. Bowl with dipping sarbloh knife in juice and then drink
For eating FRUIT WASH WELL with water
Recite rakhya de sahabd. Ramkali 6 pauri
Cut with sarbloh knife and remember waheguru then eat
For eating dry fruit if soaking soak in clay bowl
Wash them properly recite rakhya de shabad reicte ramkali wahegur then eat
U CANNOT KEEP FOOD IN fridge because microorganism will attack food and gases like ammonia and notrogen will accumalate in food again a way for kalyug

Now why daas is telling to do this
Here is the reason deen duniya de malak guru gobind singh ordained sikhs to keep sarbloh bibek
Reason. - SARBLOH (PURE IRON) is immune from kalyug., SarBloh is the ONLY WEAKNESS OF KALYUG
READ this dasam granth ki bani.
Sarb kaal ki sada rachymne humne
Sarbloh ki sada rachya humne
The god is my protector
The all iron lord is forever my PROTECTOR

READ SARBLOH GRANTH. IN that sarbloh all iron lord came and saved devtas from daint

as we know this whole world is maya
Kalyug has the only one way to enter humans
That is through food
Food eaten is plastic aluminuim steel is devastting to health but collects negative energy from atmosphere that is kalyug
Thats y the whole world is suferung from DISEASES MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY

REMEMBER if give full pehra of sarblob and nothing else from outside u are immune from panj chor

Cheru, Havis Annam, milk, wheat, barley, bread, ghee, butter, dried ginger, green gram, potatoes, dates, plantains, curd, almonds and fruits are all Sattvic articles of food. Cheru is a mixture of boiled white rice, ghee, white sugar and milk. Havis Annam is also a similar preparation. This is very useful for spiritual aspirants. Milk is a perfect food by itself, containing as it does, the different nutritive constituents in a well balanced proportion. T Fruits are great energy producers. Bananas, grapes, sweet oranges, apples, pomegranates and mangoes are wholesome and nutritious. Dry fruits such as grapes, raisins, dates and figs, sweet fresh fruits such as bananas, mangoes, Sapotas, melons, limes, pineapples, apples, wood apples and sweet pomegranates, sugar and sugar-candy, honey, sago, arrowroot, milk, butter and ghee tender coconut water, coconut, almonds, pistachio nuts, Toor Dhal, Ragi, barley, maize, wheat, rice of red paddy whose bran is only partly removed and rice of good smell or sweet taste, and all preparations from any of these grains, and white pumpkin are Sattvic articles..

Highly seasoned dishes, hot curries, Chutnies, chillies, meat, fish, eggs, tobacco, liquor, sour articles, oil of all kinds, garlic, onions, bitter things, sour curd, stale food, acids, astringents, pungent stuffs, roasted things, over-ripe FRUITSs, are not at all beneficial. Onions and garlic are worse than meat. . , sprouted grains, ll sorts of chillies, Things fried in oil or ghee, pickles of all sorts, fried rice, , tea, coffee, cocoa, all kinds of foods that are dry and burning, foods that are bitter, sour, saline, over-hot and pungent, tobacco and its preparations, foods and drinks containing liquor or narcotic drugs such as opium and bhang, food preparations which are stale or have become cold subsequent to their removal from the hearth or which have lost their natural taste, smell, colour or form, or which are remnants after being eaten away by other persons, animals, birds or insects, or which contain dust, hair, straw or other rubbish, are either Rajasic or Tamasic by nature. Lemon juice, rock salt, ginger and white pepper can be used in moderation. No junk fast foods forever

Sant bhindrawale g always ate daal made with salt and ghee..in sarbloh thats it.

Dhan bhai randhir singh g
Kept sarbloh bibek in jail for 16 yrs remember
. When he was shifted to jail
For forty days he didnt eat anything even water
Bcoz there was no iron utensil
Jailor took every measure to extreme to make bhai sahb eat food from other utensil but he didnot
Jailor tied him beat him to death
Broke his FRONT TEETH but he didnot.. After that sarbloh was brought to jail and then bhai sahb prepared food and ate

U can think there might be SOME VERYY VERY


SIKH WILL NEVER PROGRESS to extraordinary hight in SPRITUALLITY without sarbloh
Like singhs in past used to have like sant bhindrawale h bhai randhir singh g

These are some of the reasons daas know
There mighe be million reasons
Only dasmesh pita guru gobind singh knows

We all know bani is energy and it has a effect on water making it amrit
Its greatest affect is on iron
Thats y satguru made amrit in sarbloh bata
We know iron gets charged as it contain magnetic property
Khalsa g with bani recited on iron it gets heavilly charged
Now IMAGINE BANI RECITED ON A SIKH whos wholle body is every part even minutest part
His whole body made of iron
What would be the effect on such person
Eating in sarbloh one will feel in about 2 months that his or her concentration is marvelous just like a laser light no mind wavering
So a sikh can recite bani with concentration

Now imagine just think IRON in every pore of gursikh carrying full oxygen in every part of body and to brain especially in full mode
Needed for. Peaceful meditative mind
A sarblohi can run 50km without any stress because of full blow of oxygen to body amazing the worldly people how he can do that
Iron makes the negative paarticles convert to postive hence protecting body

U can see the whole world uses chemicalls
Pesticides fertillizers killing millions
Who will save us from this??

Answer- sarbloh..

. Thanks to sarbloh a precious gift from my lord damesh pita
Bardoalam shaha guru gobind singh
Shahe shehansha guru gobind singh
Khalsa g this is all dass personal experience

THAT means the articles of faith must be for both miri and piri ( saint + soldier)
Thats true khalsa g
HAIRS reason- hair contains the wisdom connecting cables to god for saint for spiruallity
And contains store of energy for fight for soldier
Another reason at the 6thstage of naam simran
Wahegur jaap starts on every hair
For eg one sikh says waheguru one time
Another sikh say will say the same gurmantar.
3.5 crores times as there are approx 3.5 crorehairs on human body. One can never attend this. much sangat in lifetime one can never say this much gurmantar in a a month..
Now u can understand the value of hairs
Hairs contain wisdom power
Gurmukh rom rom har simrae
So now
Kanga reason- for keeping energy rise in hair preventing headaches good memory
Kachera, - sprituall protector and materiallic and sprituall reason is as one sleeps without clothes at night
There ARE SPRITUAL ATTACKS AT NIGHT AND some harmful insects soak energy from body if somone sleeps without clothes as stated in prem prasad granth
Kirpan and kada for physicall protection and
Spritually immine from kalyug. As pure iron is the only weakness of kalyug
Reason from REAL LIFE EXPERENCE - These ghosts. are energy. Ecerything is energy
Mobile use radiation energy we know its using thats why we can make call use internet but we cannot see rays its emitting similarly ghosts sprits are energy. We all know iron is the element with magnetic property so it DRAINS ENERGY FROM SPRITS EVEN CAN KILL THEM
Satguru told us sir pe chakar kard rakh k ucha bunga band
One should tie hightend dastar bunga and keep SARBLOB CHAKAR (ROUND PURE IRON DISC) AND SHARP KNIFE ON HEAD same reason for protection from kalyugi forces sprtuall attacts
Same reason food made in sarbloh utensil is immune from panj chor and doot of kalyug
The problem is now a days nobody knows this
All are following there own bibeks. Because some bad forces forces are trying to kill sikhi sikh kom
They know sikh are powerful beyond imagination
So they took sarbloh from sikhi
Sarbloh sikhi di neeh h
IT GIVES HEALTH. Physically and mentally and spritually to sikh kom
Sikh should keep more and more pure iron weapons with him

If not satisfied or any doubt on my words then
Read about sikhs 300 years ago
''each one of them is having body like rock and giant in health and each one is equal to fifty men' '
''it is said behram khan killed wid asses but even if he would come face to face to them (sikhs) even he would bow before them ''
Other one - '' nobody can stand against them
They come roaring to battles it takes no time for them to get battle from hind to sind''
Eh tarrifa san sikh kom dia

Another thing to think about
We cut our beloved guru into PIECES with our own hands
Now who will save sikhi then??
NOW u might be thinking how??
Answer - we cut the natural flow of bani
Now only padsher saroop of guru g
No larrivar saroop of guru sahib

Now u will say it doesnt matter cutting bani made it easy to recite.. Now think how u will concentrate khalsa g
Larrivar saroop make us concentrated on bani
Each and every sahab goes inside us
Remeber shabad guru surat gurchela.
One will not meet god unless he is concentrated on the word of lord fully mentally

Try to read bani from larrivar saroop
These things will happen
Your mind will be foccussd
No worldy thought can come to ur mind while reciting bani
This is the reason for larrivar
Now what we did??

Now days only hollow sikhi left
Thats y sikh ro reha (is crying)
If we wilk follow bibek properly
No will dare to create problem with sikh kom

PLEASE READ bhai daya singh rehatnaama
There u will find this
Thats y satguru gave this gifts to us

'' Khalsa mera roop h khaas. Khalsa me hau kro niwas. ''
'' Khalsa is my true form. I reside in khalsa ''

Points explain kardeya. Daas have made innumerous mistakes. Please sangat g waheguru g forgive me for this
Waheguru g ka waheguru g ki fateh
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Baptized Sikh,

Though I agree fresh food is the best food many of the things you are saying are based on the Brahmins ayurvedic philosophy not Gurmat Bibek Philosophy.

For example, not keeping food for over two hours and not eating onions and garlic are based on Ayurvedic Philosophy. No where in Gurmat are these things prohibited. There were times when Singhs were living in the jungle and they could not fresh food.

In accordance to Gurmat , Gursikhs give surplus food to the poor or to animals.Unlike the Brahmins, Gursikhs make an honest living and share their food with others. ਘਾਲਿ ਖਾਇ ਕਿਛੁ ਹਥਹੁ ਦੇਇ ॥ ਨਾਨਕ ਰਾਹੁ ਪਛਾਣਹਿ ਸੇਇ ॥

Ayurvedic philosophy has some wise teachings but Gursikhs do not take direction from this philosophy in regards to Bibek. They take direction solely from Gurmat.

Again I am in favor of fresh food but its not a requirement in Gurmat. Its more healthier to eat fresh food but I dont think refrigerated food is as harmful as you are making it out to be. In regards to Nitrogen and Annomia Im not sure were you got your understanding from? Most of the air in the atmosphere ( 78%) is Nitrogen. Nitrogen is an essential element for all cellular life including Humans. Excess Nitrogen gets excreted through our urine. Annomia is not going to get created from food when stored in the fridge. Annomia comes from decayed life in nature or from bacteria from roots of legume plants. Annomia occurring in nature is essential for the nitrogen cycle without it all life would cease to exist.
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Waheguru g ka khalsa wahegur g ko fateh
Khalsa g,.
I have given the solution to prevent one from sin
, we know onion and garlic are medicinal plants good for a person only specific for certain age
Raw onion increases anger whereas fried increases passions. Its not only mine but thousands of people who controlled there mind and passions to quite a great extent its there advice from real experience..
Daas, once had the opportunity to meet a saintly person
He told me for sucham no onion garlic tadka
See, who can know better than a enlightened person.

Thats y our grand parent were not allowing younger kids persons to have spicier hotter things as they knew it will stimulate passions
Guru g said suki roti khai kae thandi pani peo
Jina khada chaupari kade sehnge dukh
One should simple food.
There is one similarity with a saint and soldier
A SAINT AND A SOLDIER (FIGHTER) never eats for tastes. He eats for body and mind
We have jaisa ann vaise tann vaise hi mann

We are what we eat

U drink tea u feel alert u drink lassi u feel sleepy.
That y gursikhs tell us to recite gurbani while preparing and eating food.

U can easily sense a non vegaetarian and junk food. Eater by his looks. behaviour

And u can see and get amazed by a complete puran samporan SARBLOHI singh
By his naturally strong physique and the lustre in his eyes and a glowing face. ..

U boil and drink milk in sarbloh. ZERO EFFECT OF PASSION.
NOW prepare and drink in steel or aluminum u will know the effect

Mr. Gandhi struggled for whole of his life spent every day experimenting with food just to control his mind and passions but he failed.

God knows He would have been beyond extrordinary if he had the gift of SARBLOH
He CONCLUDED eating fruits and nuts alone i had no passion. but after cooked food he failed again and again

That means there is a problem by the way we prepare and the medium we are preparing into..
Sadhus struggle for whole life to practice and keep celibacy but they have failed from many yugas

Nobody knows the secret of SARBLOH pita
Alone god knows this

Another enlightened soul said
U cannot attain braham gyan without sarbloh
He a guru ka sikh. Who abides by the rules of dasmesh pita guru gobind singh and knows whats the value of this

Guru gobind singh said

We know freezers have a bad affect on our health

THE FOOD PREPARED IN CLAY POTS AND PURE IRON UTENSILS have Oxygen in it but not the food prepared, kept in steel aluminium. Water kept in plastic is a dead thing

SINGHS IN past slept 3-4 hours of sleep now
EVEN 8 - 10 hours is less for this generation
Its all the fuel we are operating on...

And the rest.. In difficult situaltions one can eat anything by touching with pure iron kirpan and remembering waheguru

Waheguru g ka khalsa wahegur g ki fateh
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Dhan Dhan Dhan Vaho Gurmukh Baptised Sikh Jio_/\_
I eat same food all week, laziness, led to much physical weakness, troubles, obtacles, no spiritual progress_/\_
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Page 162, Gurumat Bibek, Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee

On this page he explains "Sato Gunee Bhojan Ki Hai", the satvik food concept in Sikhi Bibek.

I am not sure if Sikhi focuses on quality of vegetable as in ayurved. Bhai Sahib explains that bhojan of Naam Rattdeee Rooh is Amrit Ahaar, Satogunee agaaar.
He did not discriminate any vegetable, nor does Gurbaani do that. But we need to set the right amount we need to take inside.

For example, considering Onion, it appears in Sakhis where it is apparent that Sikhs never mind eating onion. Eating onion with Missi Rotee has been quite common, like the Sakhi of Baba Budha Jee.

So i think Sikhs do believe in eating as less as possible and eat only to sustain body for Bhagti (not eating at all in worst conditions), but discriminating vegetables doesnt seem to be the case. Naam can transform any vegetable into Amrit.

I think experienced Gurumukhs can shed more light.

No Claim to be perfectly Right. Guru Sahib Bakhsh Lain.
Jatinder Singh
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Baptized SIkh
Waheguru g ka khalsa wahegur g ko fateh
Khalsa g,.
I have given the solution to prevent one from sin
, we know onion and garlic are medicinal plants good for a person only specific for certain age
Raw onion increases anger whereas fried increases passions. Its not only mine but thousands of people who controlled there mind and passions to quite a great extent its there advice from real experience..
Daas, once had the opportunity to meet a saintly person
He told me for sucham no onion garlic tadka
See, who can know better than a enlightened person.

I didnt know Gurmat teaches that we free ourselves from sin by not eating Onions and Garlic. I thought Gurmat says the only way to keep us from Sin is to jaap Gurmat-Naam.

Garlic and onion are potent plants and when taken out of proportion they can stimulate the organs. But overall they have medicinal purposes. Garlic is good for cholesterol and onions are anti-oxdidants ( prevent inflammation) in addition they have iron, vitamins and many other essential vitamins the body needs. You are taking Sheik Farid Jis pangti out of its context.
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Waheguru ga ka khalsa wahegur ki fateh

One can fry or saute onion garlic in sarbloh
It will have all the benefits without ZERO NE GATIVE EFFECTS smiling smiley)

Khalsa just one rule for food should be cooked and kept eaten in sarbloh

Power of Sarbloh Bibek

Recently, I met a very nice singh who had a glowing shining face. He told me that he had chakked amrit 8 years ago but had no spiritual progress, no amritvela and sometimes even missed nitnem. His spiritual life was in disarray. Then he met some very charrdi kala sarbloh bibeki singhs who advised him to keep strong pehra of Sarbloh and to prepare degh daily after Nitnem.
He started doing the same. He would get up everyday at 6.30 am, take a shower, do his nitnem and then have degh. He also kept sarbloh bibek rehit. He began to feel charrdikala and after 20 days started getting up at 4.30 am for Gurmat Naam abhiyaas. His life began to change and his love for sarbloh kept on increasing. Then after few more weeks, he began to get up at 2.15 am for Gurmat Naam Abhiyaas. He also started wearing bana and his spiritual life completely changed

It means this guru first sleeping 10-6=8hours esptimate
he was doing with 4 hours approx
Reduction in sleep by half in just 2-3months
The world tries many scientific methods to reduce sleep to be more productive but ours dasmesh pita alone knows the way
Hail to the lord
Hail to the guru

Narration by a british army MAN IN 1700-1800
The sikh artillery with whom we contended were picked men both for VALOUR AND SIZE
they were indeed GIGANTIC their usual stature being from six to 6.3 inches MASCULAR and active in proportion. We were like lilliputins in comparison to those HUGE MONSTERS and i marvel they did not kill us all and SWALLOW us slick out the way
Had they been without food for a while i am sure we would have been a scanty meal for them but fortunately they had been well fed or possibly we might have become their prey
We lost lots of men before them. We were like getting pushed in LIONS MOUTH

Then came the tug of war it was the most desperate conflict i ever saw. I might present to you imagination such scenes of horror

THESE OVERGROWN BRUTES of artillery men had great advantage over us and they fought with unusual courage. With deep regret i saw some of my comrades getting killed

Narration by a muslim man

She she futt lambe
Hath njeh jaise khumbe
Takh moth tanko kumbe
Singh KAAL ke saman

Moti moti muche or
Netar h laaal
Naara jab maare tab nikalte purraan hai
Hai mere allah jab singh kare hulla, parjai tar thulla
Mohko kasam quran hai
Allah ki kasam meri kaanf ki jubaam hai

Nadir Shah and his successor, Ahmed Shah Abdali, repeatedly came to India not to rule but to loot. These raiders were ruthless; mass killing, rapes, abductions and enslaving of thousands of slaves were the results of these raids. The Sikhs were the only ones who relieved them of their booty, and freed slaves.
Nadir Shah, after plundering Delhi, was returning to Persia in the summer of 1739; he was moving close to the foothills of the Himalayas to avoid the heat of the plains of Punjab. The Sikhs, who were already there and were well-versed with the terrain, found Nadir’s loot-heavy army carrying goods on elephants, camels and horses, an easy prey.
They started to raid and plunder the baggage train as soon as the returning Afghan army entered Punjab and continued to do so all the way to Indus. Thus, the Sikhs relieved him of most of his looted wealth and managed to free the Indian youth, including women, who had been enslaved.
Nadir Shah was surprised at this dare-devil acts by Sikh raiders. He inquired from Zakariya Khan, Governor of Lahore, “Who are these mischief makers? Zakariya replied: “These are a group of fakirs, who visit their Guru’s tank (at Amritsar) twice a year and after bathing in it disappear”.
Nadir Shah wanted to know where they live. Zakariya said: “Their houses are their saddles; they can last long periods without food and rest. They are known to sleep on horseback. We have put prizes on their heads, but their number keeps increasing. They are never despondent, but are always singing the songs of their Pirs…A drop of nectar from their Guru transmutes a coward into a lion — so wonderful is its effect”.
Nadir Shah remarked: “Take care, the day is not distant when these rebels will take possession of your country”.

Tired and exhausted battle-weary Afghan soldiers, eager to return home, were no match for the battle-hardy, highly motivated Sikhs: “Fifty of them were enough to keep at bay the whole battalion of King’s forces”. Abdali made his ninth and last attempt to conquer Punjab in1769; the Sikhs blunted his invasion at Jhelum itself. Abdali returned to Kandahar, a defeated and broken man

Research Project
About Us
Appendix III
Sikh Character in the Eyes of an Enemy
Qazi Nur Muhammad of Gunjaba (Baluchistan) accompanied Mir Nasir Khan, ruler of Kalat, in 1764, during Ahmad Shah Durrani’s jihad against the Sikhs, who had crossed the Indus and entered into the Dehrajat. Being a Muslim participant in a jihad, he used for Sikhs such words as ‘dogs’, ‘dogs of hell’, ‘pig eaters’, ‘accursed infidels’, ‘unclean idolaters’, etc. But, at the same time, after observing them in battle, and listening about them from other associates of Abdali, he seems to repent for having used such adjectives for them. He addressed his fellow Muslims in the following words, in Chapter 41 of his Jangnamah that he completed in 1765.
Do not call the dogs (the Sikhs) ‘dogs’, because they are lions, and are courageous like lions in the field of battle. How can a hero who roars like a lion in the field of battle, be called a dog. If you wish to learn the art of war, come face to face with them in the field. They will demonstrate it to you in such a way that one and all will praise it. If you wish to learn the science of war, O swordsman, learn from them how to face an enemy like a hero and to get safely out of an action. Singh is a title [a form of address for them]. It is not justice to call them dogs. If you do not know the Hindostani language [I tell you that] the word Singh means a lion. Truly, they are like lions in battle, and at times of peace they surpass Hatim.
When they take the Indian sword in their hands, they overrun the country from Hindostan to Sind. Nobody then stands in opposition to them, however much strong he may be. When they manipulate the spear they shatter the ranks of the enemy, and when they raise the heads of their spears into the sky, they would pierce even the Caucasus. When they adjust the strings of their Chachi bows and place in them the enemy-killing arrows and pull the strings to their ears, the body of the enemy begins to shiver with fear. When their battle-axe falls upon the armour of their opponents, that armour becomes their coffin.
The body of every one of them is the piece of a rock, and, in physical grandeur, every one of them is more than fifty persons. It is said that Bahram-Gor killed wild asses and let lions shrieking. But, if Bahram were to come face to face with them, even he would bow before them.
During a battle when they take their guns in their hands, they come jumping into the field of action, roaring like lions. They tear the chests of many and shed the blood of several in the dust. It is said that the musket is a weapon of the ancient days. It however appears to be creation of these dogs rather than of the great Socrates. Although there are so many of the musketeers, but no body can excel them in use. To the right and to the left, and in front and towards the back, they go on fighting regularly. If you do not believe in what I say, you may enquire of the brave swordsmen who would tell you more than myself and would praise them for their fighting. The fact that they grappled with thirty thousand heroes bears witness to my statement.
If their armies take to flight, do not take it as an actual flight. It is a war tactic of theirs. Beware; beware, of them for a second time. The object of their trick is that when the furious enemy runs after them, he is separated from his main army and from reinforcements. Then they turn back to face their pursuers and set fire even to water. Did you not see how, during the flight they took to a deceptive flight before the Khan [Ahmad Shah], and how, then, they turned back on him and surrounded him on all sides. The Khan then came down from his horse and flung arrows and bullets at them and with bravery extricated himself from their midst.
You may yourself judge, O brave men, how a single battalion of theirs rushed upon Multan, entered the city and devastated it and carried away an immense booty.

This can only happen with gurus rehit

Waheguru g khalsa waheguru g ki fateh
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I just wanted to add in a few points:

The young vir, the OP is having sexual urges primarily due to his young age and due to his trying to repress these thoughts. Advising a young person to focus too much on diet will not have much effect simple because it was not due to food in the first place. This does not mean that food does not make a difference. It does but food is only secondary or even tertiary when the age of the person is like 21 or something.

Now just to add to the diet conversation going on, it is a well known common effect experience in raw foods community that eating primarily raw foods lowers the sex drive. All you have to do is google "low libido on raw food" and you shall be able to read personal, first hand, third party experiences.
And althought each person is on his own my personal thoughta are that somethings should be kept separate from gurmat and manmatt labelling. Like calling ayurveda as brahmanical philosophy. This idea is ill informed. All ancient traditions of the world had religious affilitations but that does not mean that that tradition is wholly owned by that particular religion. Ayurveda is a health and medicine tradition. Dont call it brahmanical tradition and then say sikhs do not follow it. This is insanity. Do you think Gurus did not have vaids and daru-booti in their times? They did. In fact guru Har rai sahib ji had a huge dispensary from which medicine went all over the sub continent.
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Perhaps the previous messages were not clear.

Im not saying Ayurvedic medicine/philosophy is all together bad. I remember saying they have some good things to say. But in regards to diet. Gursikhs who follow Bibek do not follow Ayurvedic philosophy in which diet requirements are heavily based on Brahmin teachings. Things like avoiding onion or garlic have no place in Gurmat. These foods were never banned from Langar. Gursikhs who follow Bibek should keep a distinct practice from the Brahmins. If we dont what is to prevent us from indulging in Brahmin practices.
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